In order to design and assemble the MV capacitor banks or LV compensation panel systems, Thyristor modules, harmonic filter reactors, shunt reactors, LV capacitors and MV capacitors are required.
The established compensation systems are produced for the purposes of keeping the inductive and reactive power demanded by the loads below the values determined by legal limits by decreasing the reactive energy demanded by transformers and increasing the active power usage capacity. These systems are also used in voltage regulation at the renewable energy plants such as SPP, RES and HEPP.
Compensation systems as inductive and capacitive are made under voltage level from 0.4 kV up to 400 kV. You may contact us for measurement, projecting, manufacturing, installation and engineering services.

Tristör Modülleri

Thyristor Modules

eVAR-TSC thyristor modules are used to supply fast and accurate compensation where the load change rate is fast and the contactor switching could not be performed.

Harmonik Filtre Reaktörleri

Harmonic Filters Reactors

Harmonic Reactors reduce harmonic currents and losses and extend the life of the capacitor by coupling it in series with capacitors.

Şönt Reaktörler

Shunt Reactors

Shunt Reactors are mostly used in dynamic compensation applications to eliminate the capacitive effects of passive harmonic filters and also to eliminate the capacitive reactive power consumption.

Shreem AG Kondansatör

Low Voltage Capacitor

When these capacitors operate under extreme voltage, the pressure inside them will increase due to the self-repair feature that they have which will cause the capacitor to explode. In order to prevent the capacitor explosion, a protection method is provided inside the capacitors.

Shreem OG Kondansatör

Medium Voltage Capacitor

Medium Voltage Capacitors are used for power factor correction, line losses reduction, and voltage drop minimization. Also, power capacitors can be installed separately or fabricated, with or without a switch.

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