Distribution transformers are used to step down the electric energy supplied from the electric grid from medium voltage to low voltage level MV / LV. They are produced with 3 different technologies that include the conservator, hermetic and dry type. The used voltage level ranges between 2kV up to 40.5Kv. Although the transformer powers are widely used between 25kVA and 2.500kVA, it is also possible to produce higher and lower powers. Transformers made of aluminum or copper conductor in line with the desired losses, expansion tank, and transformer type. Generally, ONAN cooling models are used, while models with fan are preferred for dry type transformers.

Genleşme Depolu Trafolar

Conservator Transformer

The dimensions of the expansion tanks are designed based on the calculations of how much would the oil level expand due to the increase of the temperature. Since these transformers are exposed to the atmosphere, the oil pressure will change due to thermal effects. So to ensure the pressure stability, air moisture will be filtered from the air by means of the silica gel (air dryer) found on the transformer’s tank.

Hermetik Tip Trafolar

Hermetically Sealed Transformer

These transformers are manufactured in a way that does not allow the air to be in contact with the oil and due to that minimal maintenance will be required to it compared with the conservator type as it does not require its oil to be changed.

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