We have taken our first official step in partnering with international companies which is among the main goals of our company. This partnership was tied with ORMAZABAL, the largest Gas Insulated Modular Switchgear manufacturer in the sector under voltage level of 36kV. In addition to the production of Air Insulated Medium Voltage Switchgears and Concrete Transformer Substations whose type tests have been completed by EVA Elektromekanik, our Concrete Substations have now completed the RMU Internal Arc tests and have conformity reports. With the partnership of ORMAZABAL and EVA Elektromekanik, our commercial Concrete Substations and Gas Insulated Modular Switchgears have started mutually as a result of the Internal Arc Test performed in ICMET Laboratory on April 2, 2018. Within the scope of the first Sakarya OSB expansion project, 22 Concrete Substations with Gas Insulated Modular Switchgears will be supplied to ORMAZABAL as EVA Elektromekanik brand. At the same time, the Istanbul and Lithuanian projects that our company is working on has used the Gas Insulated Modular Switchgears which were supplied from ORMAZABAL. We would like to thank ORMAZABAL Elektromekanik A.Ş., with whom we meet for a common benefit, and their trust in our company and our products.