Medium Voltage compensation systems are established for the purpose of keeping the inductive reactive power (R) at the MV network caused by the loads below the values determined by legal limits. This could be done by decreasing the reactive power (R) of the load and increasing its active power (P) through driving the apparent power (S) drawn from the system and the active power (P) to be close to each other leading to Cosφ value equal or near to 1.00. Please contact us for system measurement, determination, and more technical information.

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Medium Voltage Capacitor Bank

EVA Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks are manufactured with galvanized steel suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Thanks to its different ventilation options as it could provide various protection class conditions ranging from IP30 to IP54.

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Medium Voltage Compensation Panel

MV Compensation Panels are used to meet the fixed inductive reactive power needs of medium voltage motors and step-down power transformers in particular. In addition, MV compensation panels are manufactured with a current limiting reactor and fixed type or vacuum contactor.

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