As EVA Elektromekanik we offer Medium Voltage Switchgears, Concrete Transformer Substations (Monoblock Concrete Substations), Matellic Transformer Substation, Mobile Transformer Substations, LV Distribution Panels, Solar Collector Panels for Solar Power Plants, AC Collection Panels, DC Collection Panels, Protection and Control Panels, MV Capacitor Bank Groups, LV Compensation Panels, Type A & Type B Concrete Panel Bases (SDK) to our valued customers. In addition, we fulfill the needs of our customers who would like to establish a dialogue with a single company to supply Distribution Transformers and Disconnector Switches needs from our partners who support us.

Modüler Hücreler

MV Switchgears

MV Switchgears could be classified under two main types according to the insulation medium as Air Insulated Switchgears (AIS) and Gas Insulated Switchgears (GIS). The voltage level of these switchgears ranges from 6.3 kV up to 40.5 kV.

Trafo Merkezleri

Transformer Substations

MV / LV transformer substations are designed to operate internally or externally according to the used switchgears and LV Panels types and sizes.

Mobil Trafo Merkezleri

Mobile Transformer Substations

Mobile Transformer Substations are used to meet the need for energy in regions where the power supply is insufficient or interrupted. These substations are produced for MV-LV, MV-MV, and HV-MV voltage levels.

Dağıtım Trafoları

Distribution Transformers

Distribution transformers are used to step down the electric energy supplied from the electric grid from medium voltage to low voltage level MV / LV. They are produced with 3 different technologies that include the conservator, hermetic, and dry type.

Seksiyoner (Ayırıcı)

MV Disconnector Switches

MV Disconnector Switches are 3-phase devices that control the medium voltage of the electric grid through connecting and disconnecting the medium voltage of the electric circuit when the circuit is unloaded.

OG Kompanzasyon Sistemleri

MV Compensation Systems

MV compensation systems are used to increase the active power usage capacity by decreasing the reactive energy demanded from transformers.

AG Kompanzasyon Sistemleri

LV Compensation Systems

LV compensation systems are used to increase the active power usage capacity by decreasing the reactive energy demanded from transformers.

Kompanzasyon Ürünleri

Compensation Products

Thyristor modules, harmonic filter reactors, shunt reactors, LV capacitors and MV capacitors all are designed and installed based on the requirements.

AG Dağıtım Sistemleri

LV Distribution Systems

By the aid of the distribution transformers, Medium voltage is stepped down into the low voltage. The converted low voltage then will enter switching and control panels called Low Voltage Distribution Panels.

Solar Toplama Panoları

Solar Collection Panels

Solar Collection Panels are divided into three types as main collection panels, DC collection panels, and AC collection panels.

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