Solar collecting panels; They are divided into three as main collection panel, DC collection panel and AC collection panel. Main collection panels and AC collection panels are used in GES power plants where string type inverters are preferred; DC collection panels are used in GES power plants where central type inverter is preferred.

Ana Toplama Panoları

Main Collection Panels

The energy coming from the AC collection panel or the central inventor output is directed to LV main collection panels via power cables to make the energy safe and under control. Solar panels are produced according to TSE, CE ve ISO 9001–14001 standards.

AC Toplama Panoları

AC Collection Panels

If the series inventors are being used, AC Collection Panels are preferred to perform the connections of the AC network cables. AC Collection Panels are manufactured as two types: glassfiber-reinforced and metal.

DC Toplama Panoları

DC Collection Panels

In the systems where central inventors are used, DC energy is collected in DC distribution panels where there is only one DC distribution panel for each series.

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