MV / LV transformer substations are designed to operate internally or externally according to the used switchgears and LV Panels types and sizes. Each substation consists of an MV compartment, transformer compartment, and LV compartment. In addition to that, the transformer substation may include the MV switchgears only as the transformer substations compartments could be more or less and according to the requirements. These substations could be manufactured as monoblock concrete, prefabricated concrete, metal-galvanized sheet, or aluminum sheet material. C35 class self-compacting concrete is used in the concrete transformer substations, while, 2 mm thick 275 g / m² galvanized steel sheets are used for the doors, ventilation, and sheets in the metallic transformer substations. The drawings in Autocad format found on “Download DWG” section may be accessed for requesting single line diagrams or a quotation.

Monoblok Beton Köşk Trafo Merkezi

Concrete Transformer Substations

EVA Concrete Transformer Substations are compact, environmentally friendly, aesthetic, and reliable centers designed to isolate MV Switchgears, transformers, and LV panels from harsh environmental conditions.

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Prefabricated Concrete Transformer Substation

EVA Concrete Transformer Substations are manufactured with maximum dimensions of 2.5m x 7.5m and height as a 3.55m.

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Metallic Transformer Substation

EVA Metallic Transformer Substations are generally manufactured from either 2 mm pre-galvanized metal sheets or aluminum sheets which have a higher level of corrosion-resistant. The common design type of these substations consists of three compartments which are the Medium Voltage Switchgears, Distribution Transformers, and Low Voltage Panel compartments.

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